We are a creative couple both in ife and at work. There’s a strong connection between us, we create empathy and complicity with the people around us. Our starting point is Savona, but so far we’ve been travelling around Italy and abroad to tell your wonderful stories in our unique style. It was music that brought us together and photography that wrote the steps of our journey. What guides/inspire us in our path is the pursuit of authentic emotions and naturalness.


Giorgia is a cheerful, enthusiastic and romantic person.

She knows how to catch your emotions thanks to her innate sensitivity. She enhances complicity in the couple and that’s the key to capture the most significant moments of your special day.

She appreciates and notices all the details of the taste and personality of the couple, telling your story in a unique way


Fabrizio is rational, direct and sincere.

He will approach your wedding instinctively and spontaneously. He will be able to keep you at ease, with a keen eye on details, and his photos will give you emotions every time you’ll look at them.

He loves music and he remembers every song of every wedding he captured. He will create the right harmony so that you can be the protagonist of your perfect melody.