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The National Association of Wedding Photographers (ANFM) was created to guarantee that their members meets your expectations. They are aware of the great responsibility they have towards their clients. Their job is to take photos to be looked back on for years to come and to tell your perfect day, to bring back all the happy memories of the day when your new family was born.


This is the reason why the ANFM members are carefully selected. In order to be part of this association the photographers have to meet specific requirements, and periodical screenings are carried out to guarantee that, for example, the photographer is not improvised, or that he/she is a professional used to managing such an important ceremony, so that your wedding will be the unforgettable day that you dreamed of.

ANFM, following an attentive screening of my last works, awarded me as a Selected Photographer. The efforts and application I put on my job is starting to give good results, I’m so excited and eager to start 2017 with enthusiasm and good intentions. Thank you ANFM!