Jordan and Martin, both coming from Ireland, chose a destination wedding in Sirmione, a city on the Garda Lake, Italy. Two reserved, amazing people that gave us the opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions with their lovely wedding.

The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Sirmione was the ideal setting for the ceremony, with eight moved celebrants who officiated at the wedding. The arrival of the groom, smiling and feeling the emotion of the moment.

He couldn’t wait to see the bride coming. And then, it was time for the bride, surrounded by her bridesmaids, to walk down the aisle to the groom to say “I do”.

With that red hair, glowing skin and blue eyes, that remind you of the Irish sky. Among curious tourists and attentive guests, this couple wrote a new and special page of their love story, in an outstanding place.

The wedding reception took place at Ristorante La Speranzina, overlooking the lake. Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that allowed us to take some special couple portraits.

When we work to destination weddings, we communicate with the couple through a screen and we get to know them personally on the wedding day. There was such a positive feeling between the couple and us, that allowed to tell their story in a unique, sincere and authentic way.

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