Carlotta and Ciro chose Creative Couple Studio both for their engagement photo shoot and for their wedding day.

A walk in the Ligurian Riviera, with the beautiful Bergeggi Island showing up from the horizon and  Matilda, their inseparable four-legged friend, as the perfect ingredients to tell their unique story.

A story made of smiles, complicity and that special alchemy that makes every love story unique and special.

The magical atmosphere of the beach with its bright, sparkling, summery colours, the sea waves rising and falling, a white fluffy furry friend  running and and wagging its tail and a couple that, step by step, reached the beach of the Riviera Ligure.

Looking forward to their wedding day.


Update: August 5th 2017: Carlotta and Ciro got married: if you want to learn more about their wedding day  click here

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