Every single time which a couple choose us as photographers for their wedding, we’re very excited: we know that, somehow, we are completely conscious to take part in this special moment and thanks to our photos brides and grooms and their families will have forever an unforgettable memory of that unique day.

This time, excitement is more than ever. This time, bride and groom, smiling and in love, are friends, which you build unshakeable relationship from the childhood. We’re very thankful and grateful taking photos of Anastasia and Mario’s love: maybe because we know each other, maybe because they share with us joy everyday, or maybe because we know how long they have been waiting for this moment. And finally, in a hot day at the beginning of August, the moment has come. 

The all day develop into the quiet Valbormida, the Savona’s outback, a few chilometers from the beach. The travel began from Cairo Montenotte where the couple lives: Massimo choosed the couple house to getting ready. while the groom was getting ready we share smiles, jokes and hugs. He was excited and elegant wearing a Botta e B smoking with the “help” of his three cats, they’re part of the family. 

Indeed at  Anastasia’s house parents, the bride was getting ready with the “help” of Coffee, the gorgeous Golden Retriver and the three little ladies in waiting who also follow with great attention the entire moment. 

Amazing in her embellished Darnier Cri dress, the bride was in every moment accomplished with her sister and the closest friends

For the ceremony, the couple choose the gorgeous Abbazia di Ferrania, a medieval abbey settled in the ancient town. Coming into the Abbey, the guests admired the enchanting flower fitting, planned by Marianna Chiarlone a florist from Carcare, owner of “Petali e Verde”. Anastasia added her personal touch at the fitting, adding photos and fans for the guests. 

After the ceremony we moved to Carcare, to Quissolo’s Castle, an impressive liberty construction built between 1901 and 1907. The big English castle’s parck was the first location for the couple shooting, than the pit for their party. At the beginning of the party the couple offered an aperitif, than dinner and at least the amazing moment of the “cake cutting”, every have been planned by Borghi Ricevimenti. Eaten the cake and done the traditionally toast, the real party began:   Animal House band took the stage. They entertain the guests up all night with music and unchained dances, that the bride did wearing a pair of green costumes Convers. An unique day, full of joy.


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