Irene and Matteo spent the first moments as a married couple in Pianissolo, near Roccavignale (Savona), and the reception was held at La Ginestra, Finale Ligure.

The atmosphere was full of emotions and friends and relatives made for a very engaging wedding party. The bridal preparation was lively, with Irene’s girlfriends excited to help her getting ready.

Together with Valentina, her Jack Russel that was the co-protagonist of the day. The make-up artist Claudia Blengio created a natural and gorgeous look for the bride to highlight the best of her.  As soon as she left home, a traditional Italian aperitivo at Panta Rei, in Millesimo (Savona) was ready for her.

The preparations were a moving moment for Matteo’s family as well, their emotions contributed to make him feel as the perfect groom, ready to say “I do”. The Ligurian Sea was the most suggestive and magical setting, perfect to shoot a couple on their wedding day. Afterwards the party took place at La Ginestra, in the typical and fascinating Manie, in a stone’s throw from Finale Ligure.

The exclusive decorations and lovely details, thanks to the talent and creativity of Minina in Love, made for an even more suggestive atmosphere. A wedding set in stunning venues, with breathtaking views in all directions, between sea and hills, where complicity and harmony were the protagonists.

That September light that still reminds you of summertime, and that becomes even more fascinating when it turns into a glorious sunset.


The time for dancing and partying came. Time to celebrate the couple and friendship. The bride and the groom, surrounded by the loved ones, kids, adults and four-legged friends, danced to the same beat. It was definitely a party that celebrated family, the one that we’re born with and the one we meet along the way. The presence of the people you love in your wedding day is a wonderful gift: we are honoured of having the opportunity to capture moments that will bring back lovely memories for years to come.

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