Carlotta and Mirko married at the end of October in Avolasca, a small town near Alessandria, A beautiful morning spent in a small Church in Avolasca that turned into a wonderful afternoon, in the family hunting lodge, where the reception was held and where family and friends celebrated that special day with the couple.

A new story is about to start, and the photographer knows how to capture it. And every couple, every story, as we know, have their unique images and sounds. A unique rhythm composed by music, the friends’ laughters, the parents’ happy tears and the shoots of the camera.

We are ready to capture moments and give you back precious memories.

A riot of colour and lights to give a vibrant and charming feel to the day: the perfect light for Carlotta and Mirko was that of a day at the end of October in Avolasca, a cozy and suggestive village near Alessandria.


. Carlotta and Mirko decided to hold the reception of their elegant wedding in an intimate but striking and majestic venue: the family hunting lodge. A place full of memories in the charming Avolasca. Charming like the wedding cake, backed at the moment, garnished with wild berries. Carlotta and Mirko put their trust in us to capture their amazing day, made of elegant details and full of emotions, and to tell their love story in our unique way.

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