On a beautiful, warm autumn day in October, Elena and Tommaso married.

The bridal preparation took place in the family mansion, with Elena helped by her girlfriends, her inseparable dog and the most important people in her life.

Elena walked her first steps as a bride wearing a stunning Atelier Via Donizetti dress. With elegance, grace and that special brightness one has in their eyes when they’re happy.

When they feel special. Tommaso got ready at home, with his besties and his loving four-legged friend, observing his human become a handsome groom.

Elena and Tommaso chose a pretty and suggestive church for the ceremony and Villa Bossi as the ideal setting for the reception; a three piece jazz band contributed to create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

Thanks to Sara Cattaneo Lab’s arrangements and Villa Bossi’s catering, a particular buffet-area was created, with a taste of autumn in this special day in Varese.


The wedding reception was held in a museum, where art was a discreet, elegant presence; then everyone gathered for the traditional cake cutting outdoor, with the guests holding the charming sparklers, to illuminate and accompany the pair in one of the most important days of their lives.

Then the time to descend to the cellar came, where a dessert-buffet and sugared almonds area was provided, and chocolate and rum were served. Different tastes that blend and complete each other, like the people around Elena and Tommaso.

Finally, a video featuring the couple with the most significant events of their lives was shown, and it was soon time to dance with the d.j..

On a warm October night, not only did Elena and Tommaso celebrate their wedding, but also their nearest and dearest. And those moments, with our photos, became unforgettable memories.

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