Everyone of us fondly remembers a special place of childhood: Positano is the one for Federica and Stefano who decided to celebrate their wedding in that outstanding venue.

When you look out of the window at Villa Magia and see the stunning landscape, that is a breathtaking experience. In this destination wedding, we had the opportunity to tell a special, intense story: perfectly meshed details for a breezing wedding by the sea.

The preparations were hectic but relaxed for the both of them, with that special atmosphere that family and friends, a bit nervous but happy, create.

The ceremony was celebrated in the Positano Local Council hall: it was an unforgettable ceremony thanks to the celebrant, a couple’s close friend, and to the guests.

Positano, with its beautiful sea and the suggestive landscape was truly the perfect venue for this wedding: Torre Trasita and Torre Formillo are outstanding spots that dominate the sea and an important feature for some couple’s portraits.

Villa Magia told the story of this couple and of one of the most important day of their lives.

The traditional cake-cutting took place at the poolside; and music and dances concluded this beautiful wedding.

A wedding to be kept in the couple, the guests’ and our memories forever.

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