This is the story of Elena and Marco, of their wedding in Villa Scati, near Acqui Terme, and of the magical atmosphere that we felt on that special day.

We met the couple when we made the engagement shoot. We felt instantly comfortable around them, feeling the same emotions that they were going through. Every time they glance at each other, every time they smile, a new, unique story is told.

Messages, images that we feel on our skin and that talk about us and who we are. And when tattoos show up a little from the bride’s dress and hide under the groom suit, they tell an important message.

They let us know that there are moments that chart a course. A new stage of life. And we design a map with our better half, the perfect travel mate.

Elena and Marco love travelling, no wonder β€œtravel” was chosen as theme of their wedding day, where beautiful balloons were drawn and every table decoration was inspired by a destination.


The table of Elena and Marco was adorned to represent India. And spices were given as lovely wedding favors. A perfect, outstanding wedding, with beautiful details, thanks to the talented Foglio Bianco Wedding Planner.

A guitar and voice accompaniment and a d.j. created the perfect atmosphere. A unique wedding, with Marco’s dreadlocks and Elena’s stunning tattoos, and with the bridesmaids gowns that perfectly fitted their style.

The day went into evening with the traditional cake cutting, surrounded by the sparklers that created a magical bond between the couple and the guests.

Click hereΒ to see Elena and Marco’s engagement photos.

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