Music, colors, dances and songs: that happens when the couple has a different background, this wedding has become a spectacular and exciting party. So that was Yasmine and Davide’s wedding, she’s Moroccan, he’s Italian who decided to say “Yes, I do” at gorgeous Sorgiva Manor, in Tagliolo Monferrato nearby Alessandria. 

They both got ready at the Manor: Davide was with his family and he wore his suits reading his promises narrating the period from the Marriage Proposal until this moment. Yasmine was surrounded by her family and ladies in waiting who were wearing pink chiffon dresses: they help her to button up her amazing wedding dress designed by Atelier Emè.

Then was the moment of the civil ceremony. The whole fitting was organized professionally by Ilaria Veggi a wedding planner from Genoa. For the couple Ilaria prepared an amazing celebration set, under a red roses arch near the lake that it’s into the property. Read the promises, signed the documents, switched the rings, couple kissed for the first time as wife and husband under a bubble soap raining. 

The first duty as bride and groom was the wedding photo shooting: with us the couple did a walking at Sorgiva Manor’s park, sourranded trees and flowers. 

Before the dinner, the bride changed her dress, she wore a traditional Moroccan wedding dress. Her entry, amazing also thank to the decoration with candles and hearts, was accompanied by the joy of her family women as the tradition want. Finished dinner, dances and songs accompanied by the live guitars music . After the throwing of the bouquet, a dj arrived. Couple started to dance up all night: an ideal way to conclude an amazing day.


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